Let's talk Detox. There are a couple of different areas for you to start to understand.

Many of us are starting to explore how we we can detox our systems & our dogs. We're considering that years of unhealthy eating, exposure to harsh chemical loads, etc must mean we need to detox something. But what exactly or how?

As you begin incorporating essential oils into the system, there is going to be some natural detox.   It's all about bringing OUT things the body is holding onto that it should release.  Essential Oils can help cleanse receptor sites so that when better nutrition or supplements go into the body they will actually work better!

Sometimes when we start using essential oils to support systems of the body things may seem to get worse before they get better.  As you begin supporting systems of your body you could experience what looks or feels like red bumpy skin, upset tummies, etc.   The Raindrop Technique often brings to light temporary markers on the skin that are a form of detox. We don't want you to panic!  

Certainly observe and monitor, but don't panic.  This is why a well-educated mentor is essential as you begin using oils. 


Some of us may want to try to create a detox or flushing of the systems.

For you -- we often suggest adding bit of lemon or peppermint to your drinking water to support system flushing.   For your dog, you can consider putting a bit of essential oil into the water -- but you should have a second fresh bowl available.   We often see the dog choose the bowl with oils when they need them.

Oils to consider might be lemon (flushing), peppermint (digestive  & cooling -- a favorite in the summer or competition sports).


Overall, Detox is a good thing.

You must realize that it won't be effective if what you continue to put into or onto the body doesn't change to include better nutrition, less toxic chemicals, and fewer unhealthy choices.

This is a place we can start to look at supplements as well. Products listed as "Juva" help support the liver and there are a number of options depending on goals. Detoxzyme, Digest and Cleanse, Cleaning Trio are all possible considerations.

Essential oils like Ledum and Ylang Ylang could be applied as well to support the kidneys and liver. Other systems of the body can be supported with other oils.

You can even have an emotional release (detox). I personally have experienced this, and I've seen in animals. It can surface in a number of ways -- some more unpredictable than others.

This again is why having a good educator & consultant is important.   I hope you'll let that be me!

Dana Brigman