Your Dog's Emotions

Emotions are driven by several elements, from our environment to what we consume to our chemistry and hormones.

Yes, that means what you feed your dog can have influence his emotional state, so can having been spayed or neutered at an early age.

It's important that you understand there is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to oils, so it is important to try several before you give up.

Some of the most common issues we experience with our pets that are rooted in emotional issues include: Separation Distress, Insecurity, Fear and even aggression. There are essential oils you can leverage for each of categories of emotional needs. For me, you cannot separate these issues apart from training (desensitization, socialization, new skills, positive associations, etc). For me they go hand in hand if you want a more complete resolution.

I want you to think about essential oils for purposes of grief, transition (from foster to foster to adoption), abandonment (it can even be present after transition), emaciation, surgical recovery, birthing puppies, loss or transition of puppies, etc.

Look at all emotions and get help for your dog. And realize for some dogs - it may take once. For others it may take a few weeks. And for some -- one oil may work better than another. This is why having a good consultant to talk it through, tweak the plan, etc is so important. just like for yourself.

Ask Me about doing energy work and emotional release with your dog.

Dana Brigman