Fleas and Ticks

This is often where pet owners begin their wellness journey. Looking for a better answer to Flea and Tick Preventatives.

We need to understand that most preventatives really are not preventative at all. Topicals, orals, even the collars are a toxic substance that moves into your dog’s blood stream so that when the dog is bitten by the flea or tick — the insect dies.

Think about that a constant stream of toxin your dog’s body. These toxins don’t always cause an immediate reaction or dis-ease for your dog, but over time toxins of all types compound in the body and the liver and other organs/cells simply fail in their ability to process these toxins out, leaving us with an unwell pet. For some dogs and cats — reaction is immediate, including seizures, lethargy, redness, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. So if your vet tells you a reaction is “normal” — it’s NOT. It’s the body rejecting the toxin. It might be “common” for them to see, but it is not NORMAL to the body.

There are much better ways to approach flea and tick avoidance by using essential oils and making sure your yard is also free of these insects.

Dana Brigman