Quality Matters

You hear it over an over. Quality Matters. But you see most people believe that they product they have purchased is a good one. Unfortunately there are a lot of companies out there marketing synthetic, adulterated, and lesser quality oils as top of the line. Many of the primary competitors of Young Living manipulate their oils just to make them smell better. We humans have been led to believe that if it smells good, it must be a good product -- welcome to marketing.

So let me catch you up on some key things you need to consider and verify in your brand.

There are 4 types of oils on the market today. Most labeled “pure essential oils” or even “therapeutic grade” fall into the manipulated / augmented category because it is very common practice to remove heavier “earthier” smelling molecules for a more pleasing aroma.
100% Pure ~ Single Species
Authentic essential oils are 100% pure throughout the bottle. There are no added synthetics or other species of oils. They make up the small minority of all essential oils on the market.

100% Pure ~ Pure + Pure, or Fractionated
Perfumers are often hired by essential oil companies to help make the final product smell more pleasing and less earthy. They will take away some of the heavier molecules or add very small amounts of another species to enhance the aroma.

Pure + Synthetic
You will often see an essential oil labeled as “pure” when they are not. There is a percentage of pure essential oil and a percentage of synthetic to enhance the final aroma. These types of oils often cause headaches and do not have any therapeutic action.

100% Synthetic
These “essential oils” are not essential oils at all. Because there are no labeling regulations on the term “essential oil,” full synthetic oils are able to be labeled as pure and sold to unsuspecting consumers to increase profit. These often smell nothing like the original plant, but they can be very close, and that is why a consumer may not know they are synthetic and have possible severe negative reactions.

If you are wondering, Young Living singles are all Authentic. The oils they use in their blends are also Authentic. Very few companies use truly Authentic oils.   

Be sure to visit http://seedtoseal.com if you haven't yet.   Seriously -- do your research and start to understand what this really means, and how much it should matter to you.

(You learned more about testing when you took the first course on Essential Oils Introduction)

Dana Brigman