Rotate and Vary Your Oils

t's important for you to think about essential oils in a different way than you think about medications.  Your goal with essential oils and supplements is to get on a path of wellness, not a path of managing an illness.

When you start using essential oils, we mentioned that there will be some natural detox.   Unless you are doing a controlled detox for specific systems, this will happen naturally and over time.

As we consider using essential oil for first aid, they are used in a short term fashion to get through some situation.   But when your pet (or yourself) start moving into a category of caring for a chronic issue or an issue that takes time to move the body into wellness, I want you to think about rotating and varying the oils you select.

As an example, if you have a dog for whom you wish to support their joint health as he ages over the years, we often look at essential oils.   There are a number of different oils that will have an affinity to that system or parts of the body, so add more than 1 to your collection.   

There are lots of rotational protocols you can consider.   For me, it depends on what I'm trying to support and what oil I'm using.    Some considerations may be :

  • 2 weeks on, 1 week off

  • 3 days on, 1 day off

  • 5 days on, 2 off

This can apply to surgical recovery or bone repair etc.   

The point is don't over do any one oil product for long-term periods of time.   God gave us lots of options and Young Living gives you exceptional choices.   Leverage them, vary them, combine them when needed.

It's not a set rule -- just a reminder to let the body use the oils to it's best potential without over doing any good thing.

Generally speaking, when we look at supplements and products like Ningxia Red, daily use of these products is ok!   But keep in mind, even with supplements, our goal is to bring the body back to balance and let it do it's work!   So there are many supplements that their intention is not to take them every single day.   This might include Inner Defense,  Allerzyme, some of the cleanse products, etc.

When in doubt about what you're working on, check your resource guides and reach out to your animal educator.

Dana Brigman