Lose The Toxins

Stay at home moms are said to be at greater risk of cancer than moms who work outside the home. What? Why?

Harsh Toxic Chemicals. 

Stay at home moms are exposed to more chemicals in cleaning products than those who go out into the work place. What does this mean for women ( and men running cleaning businesses!)

Your pet is staying in that house too.

Why do I bring up toxins in an essential oil presentation? It's the easiest place to start making changes. Just exchange the products for safe, healthy essential-oil based cleaning products -- for the kitchen, bath, beauty, and the pets.

If your dog is at all unwell -- this is the first place to start. If you want to keep him well, make changes.


Interesting facts:

According to the National Research Council, toxic information is unavailable for more than 80% of the chemicals in the products we use every day.

Companies are not required to list all their ingredients, even if toxic, if they claim it is a “trade secret “.

Nearly 2000 new chemicals are introduced each year. Tens of thousands of chemicals have been introduced over the years. And many are not tested.

300 synthetic chemicals now found in the bodies of almost every American man, woman, child and even newborn.

We KNOW Natural Is Better.  Your Dog Could Live Longer simply because you make better choices.

What does this have to do with your dog? Everything.

He’s home all day as well. And he’s naked. He’s likely home even when you’re not. And he’s little. And he’s getting older and less able to flush toxins out of his body. He absorbs these same chemicals into his skin and body through the pads of his feet, through his skin as he lays on (or licks) rugs, furniture and fabrics, he breathes in the plug-ins, air fresheners, fabric sprays, and anything and everything you’ve put on you your skin. He bathes less often. He’s also getting chemicals in vaccines, the grass, and any products you use on him. It’s compounding.


Do you think the products used for your dog are better regulated and labeled than human products?

Your little naked dog is exposed to harsh toxic chemicals every single day.

You can change that starting today.  I will be happy to help you ditch and switch your products!   

✔ Cleaning Products, Laundry soap -- even for kennel and busy multi-dog homes

✔Shampoos and Conditioners

✔Flea and Tick Products

✔Candles and Fresheners

✔Better Vitamins & Minerals / Supplements

Even if you don't switch to new products -- at least stop using many of the ones you have today!

Dana Brigman