Essential Oils for Wellness

While we often think of essential oils a something we can use for first responseor in response to some wellness concern our dog ( or ourselves present... )

The real power of essential oils and nutrition is when you get proactive about their use. When we start helping the body, mind and spirit move into balance it's better able to protect and heal itself.

A good wellness plan is so much more than reacting to the body and behavior.  You may hear people talk about "Living Above The Wellness Line".   That means doing the things you can to stay well or get the body back into a state of well-being.

Essential Oils can help the damaged cells of our body rewrite bad information, good cells thrive, and our reach our limbic system.  Essential oils can break the blood-brain barrier.

They will be most effective when we bring them into our lives for supportive care and efforts to stay well, rather than simply respond to a problem.  

The goal of essential oils is to address wellness -- not to address illness.  

My encouragement for you today is look for places you can get proactive with the use of essential oils.   It may also be improving your dog's nutrition, changing the treats he eats. It may be adding supplements. It may be doing something about your dog's anxious behavior -- or your own.

Take the first steps today and let me be your educator and coach.  

Dana Brigman