Your Wellness Why

We all have a Why -- What's Yours? Go ahead look at your dog and think about this answer. Why are you wanting to learn more about wellness for him?

Writing it down and putting it in the universe helps you set focus and intention.

My Why? I was tired of watching dogs I love --- mine and yours, leave us way too soon. My goal began with what can I do to improve the quality of life for my dogs and keep them with me as long as possible, with them as healthy as possible.

Finding so much valuable information for them, also led me to begin implementing changes for myself.

Essential Oils really began to change my life in 2012 and I know they are about to change yours! And more importantly – your pets.

I began using essential oils for in my dog training business for emotional issues like Separation Distress, Fear and Confidence. I had long used Lavender and Rescue Remedy™ for rescue dogs.

But one day when a client called met with a significant traumatic experience for their dog & themselves, I was at a loss how to help them emotionally.

I began a journey of research and learning.  

Little did I know that was the tip of the iceberg and that my life would change dramatically as I learned more about the benefit of essential oils for all things wellness and well beyond emotional support.

Now I'm on a journey of trying to education and share.

My why today is to help you do the same starting today. I want to educate you to see why you should begin today, not when you become desperate. Changes you make today can have huge impacts on the future of that little furry being sitting next to you -- and on your own health.

Be sure you are in our Facebook group  so that we get to know you, your dog, and your why better.   It's where I'll share more of other more spontaneous information and Q&A.   

But to get real support and education -- you need to  be on the team.   When you're ready to join, I'm happy to help you get started.

Dana Brigman