Supplement Intro

This is one of my favorite areas for the dogs. And it's one major factor in my decision to choose Young Living when I was comparing essential oils companies (I'll tell you the other one shortly)

Shifting my own diet to whole food nutrition is hard -- daily.

But just today, I sat and observed some of my elder family members and I see them becoming frail, fragile and generally unhealthy. So many issues. I don't want to experience that. I may, and I know I've done damage already over the years in poor eating habits -- but I'm trying to make the changes to better foods and nutrition.

For my dogs -- switching them was easy. I just did it No looking back and they love it. But you see the get to eat fresh meat every day now instead of kibble, and I'm trying to not eat meat and add veggies. I think they got a better deal.

The reality is, the food sources we currently have access to are very different from those our grandparents or even parents grew up consuming. Even our dogs these days are not eating a biologically appropriate diet if they get a bag of kibble.

We have massively depleted out soils but more importantly, even if you are able to get organic farmer market type produce and proteins, they are usually picked far before they should be. Did you know most produce is picked about 2 weeks before it is ripe? Did you also know that the most important and vital phyto-nutrients are developed during the last few days of ripening?

It is unfortunate, but the reality is, we do not get the right vitamins and minerals in the normal food sources we eat. This is true in kibble based diets for your dog too.

Supplementation is a great way to go, but sadly most supplements are synthetic or so isolated that your body does not know what to do with them so you end up having them go in one end only to go out the other without even getting into your system to be used. Yep, true for your pets too.

The act of something going into your body and your body using it is called the "bioavailability" of the item you are consuming. I am not a fan of about 90% of the market's supplements for this reason alone.

You are simply peeing and pooping your money right down the toilet. Not good... not good at all!

This is why I absolutely love Young Living! When I discovered the supplements I was so impressed! When I learned that supplements actually work better when they are infused with essential oils, that I could pretty much get everything in one stop shopping, and they worked for the dogs too -- I was done shopping around.

They can be overwhelming. You start wondering what do I need, can I take these with those, do I even need them both, these seem similar how do I chose? AAAk!

I suggest you start looking into what you may need for yourself? Remember that mapping we talked about -- it's the place to start developing your plan and your first goal. You will love what you find. Not only are they bioavailable, but THEY WORK! Yay!

Young Living offers three types of nutrition: Foundation, Cleansing, and Targeted.

Foundation Nutrition, which are noted by the blue label bottles, are the vitamins and minerals that support a healthy diet. Young Living’s vitamin supplement solutions feature food sourced vitamins and minerals that are bioavailable, meaning they will enter into your body correctly and be used by your body. They contain an infusion of essential oils, which have been proven to help the become even more bioavailable to support your needs.

Cleansing Nutrition, which are noted by the green label bottles, are specifically designed to support the gastrointestinal tract. Complete with enzymes, probiotics, and specifically formulated products, these supplements help to support the proper digestion for greater health and wellness!

Targeted Nutrition, which are noted by the orange label bottles, are formulated with specific ingredients including powerful essential oils to support specific nutritional needs. These supplements target everything from enzyme support and joint health, to heart, brain, and digestive support.

There are Essential Oil-based supplements that target

✔Joint Health  

✔Digestive Issues

✔Cardiovascular Support

✔Red Hot Itchy Scratchies

✔Seasonal Issues

✔Liver & Kidneys

✔Eyes and Ears

✔ And so many other areas

Whatever your goal is for wellness -- There's an Oil for That!

Dana Brigman