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All Wellness Reviews Are $50. A Complete wellness review will guide you through important information on nutrition, vaccines, supplements, and more to help you make better educated decision about the products you’re using.

Most importantly, it will introduce you to all the ways nutrition can and does influence your dog’s health, behavior and future. So whether you have a dog with anxiety, aggression, or severely itchy skin — it’s worth the consultation for to grow your knowledge an learn new options.

It’s also a deep dive into emotional issues and energy and how it manifests itself into behavior and health concerns.

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Dana Brigman  Dog Training & Wellness Expert  Dog Training, Behavior and Wellness Expert Nutrition, Essential Oils, Holistic Animal Care, Homeopathy & Energy Healing

Dana Brigman

Dog Training & Wellness Expert

Dog Training, Behavior and Wellness Expert
Nutrition, Essential Oils, Holistic Animal Care, Homeopathy & Energy Healing

A Wellness review is included with all training programs.

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 Knowledge is powerful to give you a place to begin better nutrition, supplements, and natural solutions where needed and the knowledge to start asking new questions with your vet or other healthcare providers.