Dog Wellness  Coaching -- Questionnaire

This Dog Wellness Questionnaire is a way for me to get some primary information about your dog's current wellness plan.   Don't worry -- it's a a no pressure sort of consultation -- but I want to be able to coach you to information you'll want to consider in upgrading your wellness plan.  Even if you begin slowly for budgetary considerations or if you have to jump all in for health issues you want to support -- I will be happy help guide you to the right information to start making the best decisions.

A Wellness Coaching Session with Dana is $40.   This includes the first phone call & a brief follow-up within 2 weeks to refine the recommendations.  $25 of your fee will be credited back to your account when you Join Young Living within 30 days of your consultation.

You will receive an email with instructions to schedule your appointment and make your online payment.

This consultation may be included at no additional cost with many of training programs.

Complete This Form To Begin The Process of Scheduling a Wellness Review For Your Dog

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Please describe any quirky behaviors you may have observed
Please note if this was done before 6 months, during a time of stress or illness
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Include any surgical procedures, past illnesses, injuries, pain, etc. Or any items you checked above.
Any long-term medications? Frequent antibiotics? Supplements?
What and when were your last vaccine? Is it possible your dog has been over-vaccinated (ie stray, surrender to shelter, etc) or was vaccinated when he was unwell
Please list your specific brand of food, the primary protein (Bison, Chicken, Beef, etc) source, how long has your dog been on this food / when was last change
What does your dog weigh today -- and is it normal/high/low, etc. Discuss as needed.
Hearty Eater on Schedule, Finicky, Skips meals often, Never seems full, etc
Do you give him any scraps, add any to his bowl, use as treats?
Environmental Chemical Exposure
Please list any products you use on or around your dog: Fabric Sprays, Candles, Laundry Soap, Shampoo/Conditioner, Flea & Tick, HW prevention, outdoor yard fertilizer / bug sprays,
Energy and Emotions
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Is there a story of trauma, abandonment, abuse, loss, competition, former job or fun activity no longer able to perform, etc.
What services can I assist you with
Dana Brigman  Dog Training & Wellness Expert  Dog Training, Behavior and Wellness Expert Nutrition, Essential Oils, Holistic Animal Care, Homeopathy & Energy Healing

Dana Brigman

Dog Training & Wellness Expert

Dog Training, Behavior and Wellness Expert
Nutrition, Essential Oils, Holistic Animal Care, Homeopathy & Energy Healing

We won’t replace your veterinarian — but we may guide you to a holistic one!   And we won’t diagnose or treat medical conditions with prescriptions.  Knowledge is powerful though to give you a place to begin better nutrition, supplements, and where needed knowledge to start asking new questions from your vet or other healthcare providers. 

Our coaching is educational. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness with your pet. You are encouraged to research the educational content as you make your decision s for wellness plans.