Little Dogs Bite Too

Little dogs bite too!

And while “damage” may be minor in comparison, the stress and risk of getting reported to AC is the same, the frustration and embarrassment with your neighbors and visitors is real, risk of biting a kid or elderly is real, and risk of instigating drama with a big dog is also real, and it needs to be resolved. It’s not a good state of mind for dog or his people.

Little dog, 12 pounds ringing wet bit a visiting contractor. We often measure it by... did it break skin? Did it draw blood.

But that’s not the only measure or the best one. Yes, there are degrees of bites, but even a snapping dog needs to be addressed.

In the case of my client the contractor was wearing shorts and was bitten on the leg and on the hands. But that wasn’t the first effort, just the one that led to a change.

So I entered the house and technically the dog “bit” me, but I was wearing jeans and hand my hands in my pocket ... knowing what would happen. I wanted to see his reality ... once. But I also know to be safe and protected.

Now, the dog has bitten two people — one broke skin, one didn’t. But the fundamental issue is the same and so is the stress of having a dog that bites that could get turned in to AC or harms the kids which is a total deal breaker for dog mamas.

Little guy is insecure but not fearful. He’s willing to stand his ground and go back in with attitude. He charges his fence when people walk along the greenway. He blows up on his leash when he sees people on walks.

These behaviors are going to get him in big trouble — one way or the other. And maybe his owners too.

When challenged by me not reacting to him or leaving he had to rethink his approach. I took away his power... all 12 pounds of it.

We got right to work and started training his owners and new skills to relieve him of duty claiming the house, the yard, and his people. When I left I was managing the leash. Work to do yes, but a different dog was present when I left vs the one that wanted to bite me when I entered.

Can I do this with a big dog? Yep, Great Dane size .... just better safety measures in place 🙂

(Not actual image of dog... no need for the neighbors to be involved)

Dana Brigman