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Holistic Approach to Behavior Modification & Wellness Support For Dogs



We create unique real-world training solutions that achieve amazing results with the family dog.  Many results are often seen in your very first lesson.  We teach you how to incorporate dog training into every day life.   We use obedience skills, structure and leadership to address your dog's state of mind to live happily in your home as a well-mannered adult dog.  We also believe in tapping into the natural instincts, leveraging food protocols, breed inherited traits and all the things that make your dog unique and special to meet your goals and have a well-balanced dog.  But don't be fooled - you may have changes to make in your own behavior to achieve your desired results.

Board and Train

We offer board and train programs for basic obedience, off leash obedience and behavior modification, including aggression, anxiety and fear.  Your dog trains with me personally each day and you receive training with me once the board and train is completed.

Our Board & Train Program is currently unavailable. Ask me about a customized training program to meet your needs.

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Private Lesson Series

With Private Lessons, you, me and the dog will all work together on the resolution. Reactivity, Separation Anxiety, or even Aggression can benefit from this format so that YOU work through your own emotions and confidence with new skills, timing, and technique. Grow with your dog and learn much more about structure and leadership.

.Ask me about Multiple Dog Programs


Private Consultations

Sometimes you need someone to help you evaluate the real problem and come up with an action plan specific to your needs and abilities. Let me help you look at the problem through an experienced lens and give you important techniques and goals that put the whole puzzle together.

Ask me about custom consultation programs that include phone, online & in-person support.

All training programs include a complete wellness review as it relates to impact on your dog’s behavior and longevity.



Online Classes

New Puppy, New Dog, New Bad Behaviors... we cover it all. You get to work at your own pace, you still get access to me for Q&A, video review, or even private phone consultations  -- though there is an expected progression timeline in order for you to achieve desired results.

There really are no more excuses for getting the training support your need.   Learn More